Western (morning) elongation 2022

2022 July 02 (1 observation: BIANCHI)

Massimo Bianchi: seeing and transparency quite good, several scattered details can be seen on the disk of the planet, in visuals the shadow of the north polar zone was more pronounced but less extensive than the south.  Ciao, seeing e trasparenza piuttosto buoni, si vedono diversi dettagli sparsi sul disco del pianeta, in visuale l’ombra …

2022 June 30 (1 observation: BIANCHI)

Massimo Bianchi: 10,000 frame footage, good seeing and average transparency. Several details are evident at all latitudes, in particular the collars (the northern one always brighter than the southern one), an elongated formation along the equator and small bright spots in the mid-latitudes of the southern hemisphere.

2022 June 28 (1 observation: DE GREGORIO)

Pietro de Gregorio: Hello, in this UV shot we can see some irregular cloud structures that cover in  particular almost the entire disc of Venus with the exception of a part in the northern hemisphere which in this  image is located below. Pietro De Gregorio Ciao, in questa ripresa in UV si notano delle strutture …

2022 June 25 (1 observation: BIANCHI)

Massimo Bianchi: Bad seeing but good transparency. The albedo of the details, compared to the observations of the past few days, seems to be reversed: dark collars and light equatorial band.

2022 June 23 (1 observation: BIANCHI)

Massimo Bianchi: 10000-frame footage, average seeing, low transparency and incoming clouds. In addition to the brighter polar collars, details can be glimpsed at mid and equatorial latitudes, near the planet’s limb. Perhaps part of the characteristic “recumbent Y” formation.

2022 June 19 (1 observation: BIANCHI)

Massim0 Bianchi: Hello everybody, footage of 10,000 frames, taken with an Astrodon U Venus filter and seeing II-III Antoniadi. I also carried out a parallel visual observation. I noticed that the north collar, bright in the UV image, and the north pole, dark in the photo, were also visible through the eyepiece with the albedo reversed …

2022 June 15 (1 observation: DE GREGORIO)

Pietro de Gregorio: Hello my name is Pietro De Gregorio and I have been an amateur astronomer for about 30 years, I live in Sorrento in the province of Naples in a hilly place at about 180m. from sea level where I have my observation and shooting site fortunately a little far from the city …

2022 June 06 (1 observation: DE GREGORIO)

Maximum western elongation: Mar 20, 2022