2022 June 15 (1 observation: DE GREGORIO)

16 Giugno 2022 / Comments (0)

Bacheca Venere


Pietro de Gregorio: Hello my name is Pietro De Gregorio and I have been an amateur
astronomer for about 30 years, I live in Sorrento in the province of
Naples in a hilly place at about 180m. from sea level where I have my
observation and shooting site fortunately a little far from the city
center even if there are lights around.
Like many other amateur astronomers, my passion was born observing the
Moon with binoculars, a passion that immediately infected me thanks to
my amateurs friends in the area Carmine Gargiulo and Nello Ruocco, with
whom I shared numerous observations and shooting of objects of the
solar and deepsky system.
This I sent to your site is my second image of Venus with IR and UV
filters taken on June 15th from my home site with a seeing rated III / V
on the Antoniadi scale, you can see numerous cloud structures in the
ultraviolet but even in the infrared even if in the latter they change
appearance because at different height in altitude, the color image is
given by the sum of the UV channel plus the IR one.