2022 December 12 (2 observations: OLIVETTI, DELLA VECCHIA)


Tiziano Olivetti: Allego una scheda di Marte della notte scorsa, trasparenza pessima e seeing discreto. Somma di 3 RGB per un totale di 18 minuti.

Attached some images from last night, average transparency and poor seeing.
Sum of 3 RGB sets, total 18 minutes.


Vincenzo Della Vecchia: Mars of December 12, centered on Mare Acidalium and Vallis Marineris, shot with 14″ Newtonian and Player One Saturn-C camera. Fine detail is lacking because of the jet-stream in the upper atmosphere, anyway I could record usable data. Olympus Mons can be seen as a white spot on the west (right), just rising from morning limb.