2022 August 21 (6 observations: DE GREGORIO, BIANCHI, D’ORAZIO, CAMBRE)

21 Agosto 2022 / Comments (0)

Bacheca Giove



Pietro de Gregorio: Hello everybody, I enclose a shot of tonight’s Jupiter characterized by good seeing (III Ant.), note the NEB with several small plumes and a white crack in the central area, the SEB is very active, finally two ovals stationed in the southern part of the SSTB, derotation of 4 videos of 2 min. (Total 8 minutes), in this regard I thank Vincenzo Della vecchia, Micheal Barbieri and Gabriele D’Orazio for giving me advice on derotation.

Pietro De Gregorio




Massimo Bianchi: Here attach you’ll find my tonight’s report, in which I also tried to shoot Ganymede separately. Fair seeing and good transparency, I didn’t use the ADC and could not use the star shot for WN deconvolution. Derotation of four 120-second videos. Like Pietro, I captured the NEB break and a cluster of ovals in STB/STrobB, the SEB is rich in microdetail.







Gabriele d’Orazio





Philippe Cambre